I was at the dollar store today to buy some Coke Zero. I know that’s terrible since I previously stated I was trying to stop drinking soda of any sort that I didn’t make myself with my own machine. The soda is super cheap at the dollar store downstairs. They must sell it at cost or something.

Anyways, as I was going to the check out line, I noticed some toys on a shelf. There were some solar-powered toys that just move back and forth when there’s enough light. Some of them were moving plants but there were these classic hula girls. The almost stereotypical kitschy hula girl dashboard toy is famous worldwide so I decided to get the hula girl. For $1.25, you can’t go wrong. I brought it home and set it up in front of some strong light. The back and forth motion is almost mesmerizing, couple that with the steady clicking noise it makes, I weirdly found myself being lulled into a state of meditation.

In the video above, you can see it in action.

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