For whatever reason I didn’t have a great night of sleep last night so I woke up not feeling 100% refreshed. I had a meeting downtown though in the afternoon, so I couldn’t just spend the day in bed. I attended the meeting and after I was done I was feeling alright, so I went for a bit of a walk because the weather was relatively nice. It was upon my return trip back home that I realized exactly how sleepy I was. I fell into quite a deep sleep on the Skytrain and even did an embarrassing head snap when my huge noggin pitched forward one time.

Once I got back home, I fixed myself a bit of din-din and still felt tired. Against, my better judgement I began a nap that started around 8pm. I woke up around 9:30pm. Now if I was keeping to a regular schedule like most normal people I would have been screwed but since I don’t have nothing to do tomorrow, I’ll be ok. This doesn’t change the fact though that it’s around 5am as I write this and I’m not feeling that tired yet. These are the problems of the unemployed!

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