So my apartment has a fairly large balcony and over the fall and winter, it has progressively gotten dirtier and dirtier. It’s amazing how dirty it can be just from the dust that the wind deposits on it. Cleaning it should be a simple mop and bucket procedure, much like a tiled floor, but alas, it is not. The problem is that while my balcony has a drain, the drain doesn’t go to a very smart place. You’d think the drain goes to a pipe and that pipe runs along side the building to the ground or something. It does not. The drainage pipe isn’t even that long and extends just over the edge of the balcony. So if I were to dump a bucket of water on my balcony, all the water would go over the edge and possibly down to the balcony below and mostly to the sidewalk.

It’s because of this that my strata has forbidden people to use a mop and a bucket of water to wash their balconies. The amount of water a person would normally use would soak people below. We’ve been instructed to use a damp mop and not pour water from the bucket. This is stupid. It’s like requiring us to use a moist toilette to clean the balcony. That just won’t cut it especially where the dirt has turned my balcony surface black in some areas.

Over the winter though, I thought of an idea. I could use a heavy rainstorm to mask the water falling from my balcony. That way, people won’t know where the water is coming from exactly. Ok, so it’s not a perfect plan because the amount of water coming from my balcony is a tad larger than say raindrops but it’s better than nothing. This week it got warm enough to be comfortably outside and it also started raining heavily today. The rain is supposed to continue all weekend so I think this is my chance.

Apartment living I tell ya!

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