Last year my dentist retired after many, many years of service. He’d been my dentist since I was a kid and was my regular dentist all my life. He sold his practice to a new dental group, consisting of several dentists. I believe there was only one employee from his office that continued to work in the new office. They transferred all the patients to the new business. I believe I’ve been there twice now for cleanings. I feel no connection to any of the dentists. I’ve seen a different dentist each time and it’s my belief they just slot in whatever dentist is free.

There’s a dental practice in the retail space below where I live. It looks very modern and inviting. I’ve been thinking about switching to that office for a while now. My current “dentists” are all the way out in downtown Vancouver, by Stanley Park. That’s super far to go. I finally made the decision to take my dental needs to the office downstairs. Two weeks ago I made an appointment for a cleaning, which will happen this Saturday (they even have weekend appointments). I used to travel almost an hour from my home to get my teeth looked at. Now, I will simply take the elevator downstairs from my apartment. I don’t think it gets more convenient than that.

I mentioned above that there is still one employee from the old office that works in the new practice. She’s the one that usually books my appointments. I wonder how I’ll phrase it to her that I’ve decided to move on. She’s seen me come in as this buck-toothed kid for cleanings and fillings and now I’m a buck-toothed adult. I hope she doesn’t take it personally.

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