cold and lonely

What you see above is the current contents of my freezer. Last week I decided to do a clean out despite my freezer being not even a quarter full. I had to throw away most of the items because they were nearly all beyond some reasonable best before date.

There was a package of ground beef that was probably the oldest thing in there. I believe it went into my freezer sometime in early 2010. The beef had turned somewhat gray by the time I took it out. I’m most ashamed of this item. Three years in a freezer and I didn’t even eat it. There were also some packages of partially consumed frozen vegetables. For some reason, I was eating a lot of frozen vegetables about two years ago. That was what remained. There was at least one package of pot stickers that I didn’t manage to finish off. I used to go to T&T a lot about a year and a half ago so I bought frozen Asian foods back then. This also accounted for a few packages of unfinished dumplings as well. Lastly, there was a package of risotto that I never opened. This was beyond the best before date and with my experience with food poisoning, I didn’t want to chance it.

I only kept two items from my purge. The item you see above is a package of frozen green onion pancakes. I got these recently from my mother and they are delicious! You can fry them up from frozen and they only take five minutes to make. The other item was a rack of lamb. That’s currently in fridge for defrosting and I’m gonna make some chops for dinner tomorrow night.

I’m hoping I won’t have to do a freezer purge ever again because wasting food kinda sucks.

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