This evening I came home from my getting my haircut. I was starving so as I was getting off the train I was trying to decide between getting Subway or sushi. I decided Subway was going to be faster even though I think the Subway downstairs sucks. On any other day, I’d much rather give my money to the sushi place but I’m going on a tangent here.

As I walked closer to the Subway, I noticed three police officers hanging out, along with at least two Skytrain attendants and also one property security guy. Two of the police officers were on the phone, while the other was talking to the rest of the group. I usually don’t see that many people of those types all in one area. Something was up but I couldn’t tell what. They hadn’t apprehended anyone. There didn’t seem to be any property damage. Everyone was just talking, either on the phone or to each other.

I was still hungry so I just went into the Subway and ordered my sub. Once I paid for it and left, everyone was still outside. On the way up to my apartment, I checked my “go-to” Twitter account for all things emergency related. The tweet above explains why there was all this excitement.

There are worse ways to get rid of bullets and though a bit unorthodox, I’m glad they chose to give it to someone in a sorta position of authority.

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