I received my 2013 property assessment in the mail this week. Between 2011 and 2012, my assessment value increased less than $2000. This year, the value jumped up by about $12,000.

Now I suppose that should make me happy since I’ve talked to two other property owners and their assessments all went down, one by $30,000. I written this before though, and I’ll write it again, it only really matters when you sell. I’m not looking to sell this year, so this is just a feel good story. If there is anything tangible to grasped from this new assessment it’s that my property taxes might go up by a proportional amount.

If you’re interested in the assessed value of any property in the province of British Columbia, please click here. Find out what your friend’s home is worth! This link is only valid for first few weeks of January I believe so be quick about it!

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