So while I’m happy to report that I’m no longer peeing out of my butt and don’t have nausea and the chills anymore, I still haven’t returned to my former self. I didn’t eat a whole lot today or at least as much as I usually do. All day, all I had to eat was one cookie, a granola bar, three pieces of California roll, two potato chips, and a chicken drum stick and a thigh. Now that might seem like a decent amount of food to some people but for a roly-poly dude like myself who enjoys food, this was a lot less food than I consume on a daily basis. I didn’t even have the chicken until around 8pm this evening, so up until then, I had very little to eat throughout the day.

Now the reason for eating so little is two-fold. First, I didn’t want to eat a lot of food and stress my digestive system, so soon after being sick. It just seems like a good idea to let that whole area down there just settle down and have a bit of rest. Second, I honestly just wasn’t hungry today. Normally by lunch time, I’m just ravenous and ready to eat a decent-sized lunch. The granola bar and cookie was enough to keep me going well into the late afternoon. Though I did wonder if this reduced food intake is having its consequences. By the time I left work today, I felt exhausted and I fell into a fairly deep sleep on the commute home.

I’m looking forward to stuffing my face again with copious amounts of food.

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