Well, I was gonna write about how tired I felt today after last night’s disturbed sleeping schedule but I’ve just read that in the last hour a sizable earthquake just occurred off the coast of Japan in the Pacific Ocean. At least for the coast of British Columbia, there appears to be no tsunami risk. Here’s the unfortunate thing though, I had to get that information through the US National Weather Service bulletin. The agency tasked within British Columbia to inform citizens and residents about emergency matters, like a tsunami warning, has been and remains silent of as this writing. This is the same agency that was criticized during the last potential tsunami event in October when it took much longer to warn residents about a potential danger. Again, it was an American agency that BC residents had to get information from to act accordingly.

It might be that the fact there is no perceived danger this time around is why there is no word from the BC government but given how much I know about governmental agencies, I highly doubt that.

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