Before I went to bed last night I looked outside the window and the weather appeared to be somewhat calm. There were a few sprinkles but nothing major. When I awoke this morning, I could see a lot of white through the gaps in my closed blinds.

I got up and looked through my living room windows. It had snowed quite a bit while I was asleep. I had not checked the weather forecast so this was a surprise to me. I immediately knew the snow was greatly impacting traffic when I saw vehicles stopped and not moving along a major route next to my apartment.

Undeterred, I got dressed and left for work. The ride on the train in was uneventful. If there were any delays on transit they happened before I was even awake. I had a very easy commute because I’m not even exposed to the elements until I reach downtown Vancouver. Some of my friends were not so lucky. A former colleague of mine had to drive into the EA campus in Burnaby from the suburbs to the east. A drive that should take about 45 minutes took three and a half hours. Terrible. Strangely, his commute home took only 37 minutes. Poor guy.

There is a snowfall warning for this evening as more snow is expected to fall overnight. The skies are still clear but there are many more hours before morning. I hope people have an easier time tomorrow.

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