For the last several years I’ve been trying to eat and drink in a healthier manner. It’s a struggle that I don’t always win as evidenced by my lunch at KFC today. In general, I’ve been trying to stay away from red meat, reduce my consumption of fried foods (this is a tough one), eat more fruits and vegetables, and reduce my sugar consumption. The sugar one is an important one for me as I suffer from hypoglycemia and both of my parents have developed diabetes.

I enjoy drinking Coke and other soft drinks but since my parents’ diagnosis a few years back, I switched to diet soft drinks, namely Coke Zero. I’ve become increasingly concerned about the health effects that the artificial sweeteners in these drinks however. I’ve been saying that I’ve just traded diabetes for cancer.

When I started my new job, I noticed a co-worker who was drinking club soda. She said liked club soda because it didn’t have sugars nor artificial sweeteners but it was still carbonated. In that way, it had some similarities to a soft drink but without any of the potential harmful ingredients. I hadn’t tried club soda by itself since I was a kid. I remember hating the taste because it wasn’t sugary like a soft drink. I tried it again at work and I was pleasantly surprised. When it’s chilled, it offers the same refreshing feel as a soft drink but without any of the flavouring. It also has the bonus effect of being rehydrating.

I often drink club soda at work now instead of Coke Zero. At home, I’ve stopped buying soft drinks and only buy club soda. It’s a good change and I feel better for doing it.

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  1. But doesn’t club soda have some sodium content? So you may trade diabetes for heart disease!

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