As some you may have read, Hostess Brands Inc., the company that makes snack products like the iconic Twinkie, got into financial trouble a while ago and last week was preparing to enter bankruptcy proceedings. They were also preparing to shut down all its operations. This led to rampant speculation that Twinkie production would grind to a halt and that the popular sugary delight would be no more.

The news led people to go in search of remaining Twinkie stock, much like Woody Harrelson’s character in Zombieland. I will somewhat sheepishly admit I went looking for Twinkies after work on Friday evening but could not find any. I managed to find some Hostess CupCakes on Sunday evening but all the Twinkies were gone. They are good but not as good as Twinkies.

Today we learned though there might be some hope left in the future of the Twinkie. Hostess and their unionized workers have agreed to mediation. Could this be salvation snackers have been looking for? In the meantime, the hoarding continues.

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