On Saturday evening I was in Abbotsford for a social engagement with a friend. For those who don’t know about the city of Abbotsford, it’s a city located about 75 km southeast of Vancouver. It takes about an hour to drive there from Vancouver.

The residents of Abbotsford are, for the most part, honest and decent folk but there’s a definitely a segment of their population that’s not known for their refined culture and sophistication. I saw an example of this while my friend and I were getting ready to leave and go back into the greater Vancouver area.

I saw a woman smoking in a parking lot in full view of the public. What made me surprised about the whole thing was that I am almost 100% sure she was pregnant. My friend didn’t see her so he asked me if it might have been if she was just an overweight woman smoking. I’ve seen my fair share of women: not pregnant, overweight, and pregnant. This woman was pregnant.

There she was puffing away on a cigarette as if there wasn’t a developing human being inside of her. It’s the 21st century, it’s my belief that all women understood the effects of smoking while pregnant. Now it’s possible she was smoking an electronic cigarette but it sure looked real to me. If it was one of those things, the safety of such devices has been called into question.

Poor kid, I hope he or she doesn’t have any problems in the future.

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