I had to shave my face tonight because my facial hair was getting unruly. Unlike most manly men, I grow a pretty weak beard because my facial hair doesn’t come in very densely. It grows in isolated patches so it looks terrible once it gets too long. Unfortunately for me, I had to leave my upper lip area when it came to shaving off this mess. On the weekend, I think I must have irritated that area when I went to shave it on Friday night. It got worse when I went outside and exposed it to the cold winds we had recently. It’s weird because my actual upper lip isn’t irritated, just the skin above it.

So rather than make it worse by raking a blade over that area, I left it alone. The problem is, I now have this stupidly weak looking moustache. If you Google image search “child molester moustache” you’ll see something very similar to what I’m sporting right now. The proper thing would be to take a picture and show it on here but there’s no way I’m doing that. This thing is embarrassing. I can only hope this skin irritation goes away so I can shave it all off.

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