So I have this thing that’s currently bugging me. As most of you know, as you get older, random hairs just started sprouting on odd places of your body. Case in point, in my early twenties, my nose hairs started growing out of control, and they haven’t stopped since. I used to have this single, jet-black, thick, and wiry hair that grew on my right forearm with no surrounding neighbours. It was a single lone hair that just decided to grow in the middle of no where. I had to trim it every few weeks because it just looked weird. One time, I trimmed it pretty close and it just stopped growing. You can still see the hair as it’s just a millimeter above the skin now but it’s stopped growing.

Something similar has now popped up near the vicinity of my left shoulder. I don’t have a hairy back or anything so I’m not used to have a single hair there. I first noticed it when I went to rub my shoulder. I felt a single prickly and short hair on my fingertips. I looked in the mirror and it was this tiny black hair that just broke above the surface of my skin, about a millimeter or so. I’ve been wanting to yank the damn thing out for weeks but the location and shortness of the hair makes it difficult. I don’t even own a pair of tweezers which makes things doubly-difficult. Even if I had a pair of tweezers, it would not be easy to get this thing out. I think I’d have to wrap my arm around the back of my head to get at the right angle. You know, maybe I should visit the drug store after work tomorrow and give it a try.

2 thoughts on “IT BUGS ME”

  1. Do you remember that scene in the movie “The Fly” when Geena Davis discovers a couple of thick, wiry hairs on Goldblume’s back? Fascinating and disgusting all at once. Wait until you start getting those gross ear hairs.

  2. I do remember that scene! I don’t have anything like that fortunately. I don’t have ear hairs and hope I never do!

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