It's a trap!

I rarely get compliments on my clothes but today I wore the t-shirt that you see above. I bought it last night at Old Navy. When I was out getting my lunch, the dude behind the counter at Noodle Box said he liked my shirt. Was he just trying to be nice to get a tip? Possibly, but he seemed genuine about it and he even made a Boba Fett joke. Then at dinner, I was at a restaurant and was making my way to the little boys room when I passed by a dude who was not my server. He also complimented me on my shirt.

I can’t remember the last time anyone liked my clothing enough to mention it twice in one day. I hope people realize I’m wearing the shirt because I like Star Wars and not because I’m some hipster doofus who only likes old school stuff to be cool. I was a Star Wars fan long before it was cool! Maybe it’s time for me to get some Lord of the Rings t-shirts!

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