For those who live in Vancouver, you might have patronized one of the more popular food carts that have been popping up around town. Re-Up BBQ has been offering goodies like pull pork, brisket, chicken and other BBQ delights for a while now. A few months ago, they announced they were going to open up a permanent retail location at the River Market, which is located less than five minutes from where I live. As many of you know, I love to eat and BBQ is certainly one of my favourites.

Re-Up just recently opened their River Market location and this weekend was my first opportunity to sample their goods. I chose a two meat platter for my first foray. Pulled pork and brisket were my meat choices. For my two sides, I decided on buttermilk mashed potatoes and a freshly made biscuit. Once I got this meal home, I eagerly dived into the pulled pork first. It did not disappoint despite my high expectations. The pulled pork was soft and melted in my mouth. It had just the right amount of BBQ sauce on it. The brisket was good as well. It was the perfect amount of medium rare, still pink and red on the inside. The sides were great too. I finished the mashed potatoes before I was done with the brisket. I have to admit, I broke open the biscuit and slathered on butter on both sides before consuming it. Was that healthy? No, it wasn’t but it sure tasted good.

The eating is getting good around where I live. Did I mention Wally’s Burgers is right next to Re-Up as well? They have a five-dollar shake I wanna try soon.

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