For as long as I can remember the apartment unit closest to mine on my floor has been occupied by this older couple. I wasn’t sure if they were renters or owners but I’ve never seen them at strata council meetings so they must have been just renters. They would regularly leave their apartment quite early in the morning. When I was unemployed earlier this year and going to be at ridiculous hours, I’d sometimes hear the older gentlemen leave the apartment around 5am in the morning.

Earlier this week, I heard a bit more noise than usual coming from their apartment across my living room wall, that is to say there was actual noise since they were essentially silent all the time. I ignored it but then it continued and it sounded like furniture being moved or something. Curious, I stepped onto my balcony where right at the edge, I can partially see into their living room. It was there I realized that the couple had moved out, probably while I was in Montreal. From what I could see, there were boxes and bits of furniture arranged as if someone or some people had just moved in. Through various reflections in the windows, I could see at least one person moving about in the apartment but couldn’t make out if it was a male or a female.

I don’t know who my new neighbours are and if they are renters or new owners. I’m also not completely sure if it’s just two roommates or a couple. My bet is on a couple just by some of the furniture I saw in there. If I see them in the hallway, I will definitely introduce myself. Welcome to the 28th floor!

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