Actor Ryan Reynolds came back to his hometown of Vancouver this week for four days to visit his family and to renew his Canadian passport. He did not come back alone as he brought his current girlfriend, Blake Lively with him. I have to say, normally Reynolds doesn’t get a lot of attention when he comes back home. He was back earlier this fall and no one made a big deal about it as it’s not unusual for him to be in Vancouver as his family still is in the area. This time, however, he seemed to have a lot of photographers around him almost every step of his visit. They even trailed him to Nanaimo on the island where his brother lives. You can see the pictures here.

Normally, I don’t have much sympathy for famous and rich actors. In this case, Reynolds is worth millions and has dated (and married) some of the most beautiful women on the planet. I also have a coworker who went to high school with him and according to him, Reynolds was a bit of an asshole back then. So you’d think I wouldn’t really feel bad for Reynolds. I guess I don’t actually feel bad for him because his life is still pretty damn awesome, photographers notwithstanding. I do think, however, that’s unfortunate that he trailed everywhere from the passport office to even his brother’s workplace. He couldn’t even get some privacy visiting his family. I bet he wouldn’t have garnered so much attention if Lively wasn’t with him. People love seeing celebrity couples in the public.

Ok, now that I’m done with that, remember there are some real problems in the world, like the food crisis in the Sahel region of Africa.

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