So I went and saw a movie at the new theatre that opened up below where I live. It was a Saturday night and it was not as busy as I thought it was. It was pretty much all awesome. I bought tickets for myself and my buddy and his friend an hour before the show started. I was able to select my seats. That meant we didn’t have to the in the theatre early to claim good seats. That also meant I was able to be in my apartment literally just minutes before the show started. It look me less than five minutes to leave my place and then be standing in the theatre lobby. I have become spoiled now.

The theatre was brand spanking new and everything was shiny and polished. It will be the newest I will see any theatre be. All the screenings are digital so The Avengers were crystal clear to me the entire time. When the movie was finished, I was back up in my apartment before even the credits finished rolling (yes, I know about the shwarma scene).

It is hard to imagine people have to drive to a theatre in this day and age now!

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