So I’ve written in many of my posts, the retail portion of my apartment building has been taking shape, albeit incredibly slow at times. The first two levels of the mall have been opened but the third level and the most interesting to me, was still blocked off to the public until last week. The third level is now open though only on the south side, the northern part of that level is still off-limits. What was open though revealed the opening of two stores. The first was a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. The second was an Ardene clothing store. I’m not really familiar with Ardene since I’m a dude and Ardene appears to only sell clothes to young women.

I was able to see the other storefronts, some of which were leased but had absolutely no work done on them yet. I was finally able to look into the windows of the movie theatre. It seems like it still needs a ton of work to be done but I have heard rumours that the theatre will be open on May 11. I was also surprised to see that the third level will contain a visual effects school. I’m not so sure about that one.

In any case, I’m looking forward to finally seeing movies just steps away from my apartment.

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