During the day, I was almost certain two events were going to transpire tonight: I was going to win $350 and Cory Schneider was going to play his last game in a Vancouver Canucks jersey. None of those things came to pass tonight. I didn’t win my $350, though I’ll have as many as three more attempts to get me that cash. Cory Schneider also played an outstanding game tonight, ensuring he’ll get at least one more game as a Vancouver Canuck.

In a perfect world, I’ll never win that bet and Mr. Schneider gets fifteen more wins in a Canuck jersey before he gets traded in the summer.


  1. Any chance Luongo gets shopped? If Schneider makes a lengthy run would he demand a trade?

  2. In a perfect world, Lou would get moved to a less high profile market where he can play without all the attention he gets now.

    I don’t think Schneider would demand a trade, he’s way too nice of a guy to do that. The Canucks would also treat him well, even if that meant working with him to send him to a team that he would prefer.

    It’s gonna be an interesting summer, which might even start on Sunday!

  3. I was referring more to the possibility of Schneider making a lengthy run, with Lou on the bench, leading to an embarassed Lou to demand a trade. You could never get market value for him with that contract, but imagine the cap space it would open. Sending Lou to a place like Tampa, where they desperately need an upgrade in goal is an interesting proposition, and Tampa may have some valuable assets (not to mention a decent top 10 draft pick this year). Win-win-win for all three aprties (Lou, Cory and the Canucks)

  4. There would be no complaints from me if Schneider took over for the rest of the playoffs. If that happened, I don’t think the Canucks would wait for Lou to demand a trade. They’d take the initiative and try to send him to any of the Florida teams.

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