As I did last year, I placed a bet with an online sports betting operation before the NHL playoffs began this evening. I made a bet that the Los Angeles King would defeat the Vancouver Canucks in the first round of the 2012 NHL playoffs. Now some of you may call me a bad fan for betting against my team but it’s actually a shrewd move. I can’t lose. If the Canucks lose the series, I win several hundred dollars and I’m sure that will erase whatever disappointment I might have. If the Canucks win the series, then I lose a few bucks but I’m happy with the satisfaction they move onto the next round.

Should they get to the next round, I’ll repeat the whole thing again. Last year, I lost a bit money as the Canucks went right to the finals. I did get a fair chunk of my change back, thanks to the Boston Bruins. Given that the Canucks lost tonight, it looks like my payoff might come early this year. Can’t lose!

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