In a previous post I mentioned how I’m trying to buy a new black suit for a wedding I’m going to in March. Given that the flight to NYC won’t be cheap, I still have to buy a wedding gift, the hotel, and I am currently unemployed, I am trying to find the cheapest black suit possible. Tonight, I was able to find a black suit for $68. At Walmart, they sell a line of clothes called “George“. To my surprise, that line of clothing includes a suit jacket and dress pants. You can buy the jacket and pants separately. You even get a choice of grey or black. Unfortunately, the jackets only come in predefined sizes of small, medium, large, and extra large. I found a small jacket but that was just a bit too tight on my body. A medium seemed too loose on me though. It was a terrible fit. The pants were a weird fit. I tried a pair with a 32″ waist and I couldn’t even get the thing buttoned up. I usually wear jeans in 32″, so in Walmart sizing I must be a 34″ or a 36”. Of course, both the pants and the jacket are made of polyester.

To be fair, while the whole thing looked terrible on me, it didn’t look like a $68 suit, it looked like an $80 suit. The search continues. Maybe Indochino is indeed the way to go.

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