I finished my tax return this evening. I can’t remember doing my taxes this early in the year before. I suppose the reason behind this is two-fold. First, I was anticipating a refund and since I’m not pulling in any money right now, there was no real reason to wait to get that chunk of change back to me. Second, I have free time on my hands so I didn’t have to leave it to later.

It was also the first time that a large number of my receipts and statements were submitted to me online. I usually have a pile of paper income statements and tax receipts that I need to wade through as I enter in all the info. This time, nearly half those documents were only available to me in PDF form. It certainly saves on the paper and it means I can file my taxes anywhere and not have to worry about bringing those paper documents with me.

I hope the guberment doesn’t delay in getting those pennies back to me. Daddy needs to eat!

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