I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I have an e-mail account that I don’t use that I received free of charge with my internet service provider. The crazy thing is, you can assign as many unused aliases as you want to this account. Just for kicks, I tried assigning common usernames to my account, ones like “bob”, “terri”, “taylor”, etc. Some of them were already assigned but I managed to get a few. That meant that I got any kind of e-mail that got sent to or and so forth.

I received an interesting e-mail today for a female username. Some woman had read an article in an alternative health magazine and wanted to get in touch with “me”. She wanted to try “iridology” and asked me for my rates for a session. I had no idea what iridology was until I looked it up. Apparently it’s a method of diagnosing a person’s well-being or overall health by examining the colours and other aspects of the iris. This technique has been discounted by scientists as unreliable and in no way a useful method of determining a person’s medical condition.

I’m tempted to tell this person that I was just a new age quack and I really am duping people for their money. I think that would be harsh but they need to realize the truth in some way.

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