This evening I tried speed dating in an effort to expand my horizons and find new avenues in which women could reject me. I won’t know the results of tonight’s gong show for a few more days but I met one woman who had an incredible story to tell.

This lady sat down at my table and she asked me if I had done this before. I joked that I tried it last year, met a girl, fell madly in love, got divorced, and now I’m back at it just twelve months later. I told her I was just kidding. The lady then told me she had tried speed dating four years ago (with the exact same company), met a guy who eventually became her husband, and then they got divorced. Not only was this the first time she had tried speed dating again since that fateful evening four years ago, her ex-husband was here this evening at the same speed dating event! She told me they don’t keep in touch nor communicate anymore so she had no idea he’d be at the event. This totally blew my mind.

I wonder what kind of conversation they had when they had their little mini-date. Was it weird? Keep in mind they were at the exact same type of event when they first met before they even knew each other. Now they returned to the scene of the crime except they are now both divorced from each other. Crazy. If I were a betting man, those two probably marked “no” for their assessments of each other.

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