Not a fan of that shade of blue...


Of course he's European...

The top picture is of Cody Hodgson of the Vancouver Canucks. He is in his first full season of professional hockey in the NHL. The second picture of is Alex Edler, also of the Vancouver Canucks and veteran of several NHL seasons. Earlier in the season, Hodgson’s team mates noticed he was dressing like he was still in “ninth grade”. One of the more experience players, Manny Malhotra actually dragged Hodgson to a mall in Columbus, Ohio to get him grownup clothes befitting a professional hockey player.

He supposedly has more stylish clothes now but in the photo that was taken just this week, I’m not digging the shade of blue he’s wearing. I applaud him for wearing a suit I don’t think he should have gone with a polo shirt of that colour. I would have preferred an actual dress shirt with buttons. As a contrast, Edler looks very sharp and classy in his outfit. Of course, the most important thing is how these guys play on the ice and in that regard, Hodgson is doing awesome this year. He even scored a goal tonight in Montreal. I suppose I will cut him some slack but no more shirts in that shade of blue!

2 thoughts on “KEEP AT IT CODY”

  1. Today was a first. I got into work at 7:48 am, and as I always do over my coffee, checked in at for the latest news on the Kardashians before getting down to work.

    Today however was the first time ever that I had checked your website in the morning BEFORE you had put up your nightly post. So I’m guessing you posted sometime after 5:48 am Vancouver time. I was impressed, and more importantly was relieved to see your eventual post, which clearly meant you were not kidnapped as I feared. I was this close to calling Liam Neeson to find you.

    I applaud your comfortable transition into your new time-schedule, and lament that I am at work in the morning before you even go to bed.

    Keep it up…I’ll just start reading your blog on my lunch break!

  2. Fear not, I’m just spiraling into this weird sleeping pattern. I am basically asleep for 90% of the daylight hours now.

    It is really weird not seeing sun the entire time you’re awake.

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