A few days ago, I saw some of my co-workers coming back from lunch. After they had eaten, they took a small detour to do some shopping. They came back with some Nerf Vortex products. There is something very pleasing when you see grown men buy toys for themselves. It didn’t take long before I got shot in the chest with a disc with one of the weapons.

I wondered if they were going to do anything else with their toys. It didn’t take long for me to find out. After 6pm on Friday, I strolled into the lounge to find that a bunch of them had set up some sort of battlefield complete with cover consisting of portable walls, stacked chairs, and large boxes. I found out they had divided themselves up into two teams for some sort of war game. The goal was to capture three “flags” and bring them back to their respective home bases. These “flags” turned out to be magazines but that was ok. You could also win a round by killing all members of the other team.

I watched about three rounds of this and it was pretty entertaining. Each round didn’t last more than two minutes. In fact, it took longer for them to look for and collect all the shot discs than to actually play the round.

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