More than a week into this month, I was on my way to work when I looked down at my transit pass. I was still using my October pass. The beginning of November arrived and passed me by and I had just forgotten to get a new pass. I had ridden on Skytrain at least sixteen times, about half an hour each time and luck saw to it that I was not checked once by any transit employee. Here’s the most interesting thing, I even rode on several buses while having an expired pass. I flashed the pass at the drivers and I usually keep the pass out long enough for them to read it. None of the drivers noticed and they all waved me through as if I had pulled that old Jedi mind trick.

Once I noticed I had an expired pass, I decided to get a November one. It took a few tries to find one, as most places had already sold out. I eventually found one at a corner store near the downtown east side. The lady behind the counter mentioned that it was almost two weeks into the month and here I was buying a monthly pass. I explained to her I’d ridden for free until now anyways so it would just even out.

I was lucky to have not been caught. A day after I bought my new pass, I actually was checked on the Skytrain. On a final note, freeloading and freeballing are not the same thing, trust me on that.

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