If you’re north of the equator, you’re probably aware that the temperatures are dropping and winter is fast approaching. There was snow falling in New York this week and many parts of Canada are now below freezing at times. I’ve decided for a third year in a row to see if I can survive the entire winter without turning on the heat in my apartment. I was successful in my previous two years. I had to wear some extra layers on some nights but it wasn’t too bad at all. I attribute most of the success due to the fact that my apartment door faces the hallway heating vent. My building heats all the hallways and the vent pushes warm air into my apartment from underneath the door. If this did not happen, I don’t think I could have lasted all winter.

The heat isn’t on yet right now but luckily the lows are still a few degrees above zero. It’s not exactly toasty in my apartment but I’m still ok. I’m worried though that some weather forecasters are calling for a colder than normal winter for British Columbia. They blame it on La Nina which is totally different than El Nino for those who are keeping track at home. Will this colder winter prediction come true? If it does happen, will it force me to turn on the heat? Only time can answer those questions. I’m only doing this to save money. I pay about $23 in electricity per month year round and I’d like to keep it that way.

2 thoughts on “IT’S TIME FOR THE 2011 HEAT CHALLENGE”

  1. Buy not turning on your heat, would that not affect the humidity levels in your condo? Everyone knows it can get pretty damp in Vancouver, so without heat, would the place get that damp feeling? If I tried that in my house, my pipes would burst and I probably would be dead in a week.

  2. I wish the humidity would increase! My skin has gotten a lot drier in the last several weeks. The rains have come but they don’t seem to have made my apartment any more tropical!

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