I was the local market on the weekend where fruit was my primary shopping goal. I’d already picked up some grapes and a pineapple when I saw these apples sitting in the refrigeration case. The apples were in a clear plastic clam shell package, four in total. The label on the package said they were grape flavoured apples. I then looked at the price. It was just over a dollar per apple. Those were some expensive apples. They were advertised as apples that tasted like grapes though and I like grapes. Deciding to take a chance, I put a package of these apples into my basket.

Once I got them home, I noticed these were some of the finest looking apples I’d ever seen. Because they were stored in the clam shell package, they had been protected from harm all the way from the producer to the store. There was barely a blemish on any of them. I decided to do some research on these apples. It turns out the people who makes these apples bathe them in a solution that supposedly imbibes them the grape flavour. Is it wrong that I was slightly disappointed that they didn’t somehow manage to splice the DNA of an apple with the DNA of a grape to make this fruit? Anyways, when I took one of the apples out of the package, it indeed have a super strong and pleasant grape smell to it. I always wash my fruits before eating them but that caused most of the grape smell to go away. Taking my first bite, I didn’t really detect any grape flavour. What I had was a delicious and crisp apple but I think I was expecting more of a grape taste. Perhaps I was expecting too much.

I’ve had three of the four apples so far and while it wasn’t as grape-y as I though it would be, these have been some pretty good apples nonetheless. Are they worth over a dollar each? Mmmm… I’m not so sure at this point.

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