In a previous post, I detailed my attempts to paint over some drywall repairs that my apartment developer did as part of their new home warranty obligations. I had to paint over repairs over three walls. As I reported in the last post, things did not go well. The paint I got from the store had a greater sheen than the paint already on my walls. The new paint coloured correctly but it was noticeably shinier than the rest of the wall. Thinking I could solve this by just getting the same paint colour in flat (as opposed to eggshell), I got more paint.

I painted the repaired areas again this weekend with the new flat paint. It didn’t take long after the first coat to realize I had failed again. The new paint is slightly more flat that my original paint, so there’s again a noticeable difference in sheen. What’s worse, the colour matching is now completely off. The paint is noticeably lighter than the rest of my walls. I later was told this is because the same colour of paint looks darker as the sheens get shinier. I wish I had known that beforehand.

There’s not a lot I can do going forward. With one wall, I’ve pretty much painted over the whole thing so it’s a no-brainer to just keep painting over just a few more spots and it’ll all be even. A second wall just had a small horizontal strip, so I think I can live with that. It’s the third wall that’s problematic. There were two medium-sized spots to paint but the third wall is the longest and largest wall in my apartment. It’d be a huge hassle to paint over it. There are multiple door frames and outlets to paint around. That wall also contains the fake fireplace I have (which I’ve always disliked). The wall also has the most furniture against it, including the two heaviest things I have in the apartment, my 50″ TV and the huge bookcase next to it which has all my movies, my Xbox 360, my Blu-ray player, my cable box, and whole bunch of other entertainment related gear. I’d have to move all that stuff to just paint the wall.

I’m sick of painting, maybe I should just put up wallpaper next time.

2 thoughts on “MORE PAINTING FAIL”

  1. Sounds like you need to hire a graffiti artist.

    BTW, waiting for the next bedbug chapter is killing me!

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