You need another dose Katey?

For Halo beer

I managed to visit SIGGRAPH 2011 at the Vancouver Convention Centre today on day one of the exhibits. I only had my lunch hour available so it was a very short visit. I managed to do a quick look around and spent most of my time talking to people. It wasn’t nearly enough time to see everything. There’s a fair amount of swag to be had but I didn’t get nearly as much as I could have.

The first item you see above is a pen in the form of a Zombrex injection. This is from game maker Capcom and their game Dead Rising 2. In their game universe, Zombrex prevents an infected person from turning into a zombie. A dose must be administered once every 24 hours. The second item is from Bungie and it is a bottle opener. The most popular item of swag by a country mile is the Pixar Walking Teapot. The lineup for this thing was almost the length of the exhibition hall perimeter, which is to say it was massive. I’m going back tomorrow so if there’s a chance any are left, I might try picking one up.

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