The next entry in my detailed battle with bed bugs has been postponed because I’m trying to track down some images that will be relevant to the next post. I also happened to get Deus Ex: Human Revolution this evening which admittedly ate up some of my free time. I regret nothing.

Recently, I received some e-mails from some random Internet dude. They were looking for information about a game that I worked on but hasn’t yet been released. I believe this was the first time someone who I didn’t know was trying to solicit game information from me. I understand and appreciate that some people are genuinely excited and curious about aspects of a game that hasn’t come out yet. Unfortunately, it’s not my place to divulge details like that. First, I’ve signed a non-disclosure agreement or NDA, which legally prevents me from telling anyone who will listen every single aspect of the game. Technically, I could get sued for breaking an NDA. Second, it’s not my place nor my job to spill the details about a game. I’m paid to make the game, not sell it. The marketing guys behind a game are the ones who control what info gets out and when. Sometimes they have really elaborate plans and promotions in place. Lastly, there’s no benefit for me to let these details out. I’ve heard of instances where people have attempted to leak information but in nearly all those cases, those people are doing it to gain “Internet” cred, which is useless in real life. Most of those people are very low on the totem pole who hear a lot of second hand info at a studio and then try to look important on a message board by spewing out random details.

You know, if this type of stuff got women all excited, I might re-think my position but as it stands, I can’t be bothered to waste my time on this.

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