With the warm weather finally arriving in Vancouver, I was able to leave my abode without pants on the long weekend. It didn’t take me long for me to get taken advantage of. I vaguely remember seeing some sort of insect on the inside of my left ankle. I brushed it off and didn’t think much of it since I didn’t feel like it bit me. I was wrong. Later that evening my ankle started get itchy. Whatever that mofo bug was, it bit me.

I thought it was a mosquito as the bite area was itchy and slightly swollen, which is usually how I react to mosquito bites. It’s been over two days now and I think it might have been something else. For starters, the wound area hasn’t completely healed over yet. Maybe it’s because I keep scratching at it. Or, it might be because whatever bit me must have had some giant insectoid mouth that resembled something close to a blood donor needle. The bite wound also keeps “weeping” or at least I think that’s the proper term. The wound hasn’t and isn’t bleeding. Instead, a clear and slightly orange-yellow fluid seems to be emitting from the wound. It then hardens. It’s not like torrential river or anything but there was a significant amount that had accumulated. Like an idiot of course, I pried it off the wound. It look liked amber though I’m certain we couldn’t make dinosaurs from it.

I’m hoping it heals completely in the next few days and it stops leaking raptor DNA. Oh man, what if baby insects start crawling out of my ankle at the end of the week? Shades of wang flies!

4 thoughts on “WHAT BIT ME?”

  1. I was thinking this may be the beginning of the zombie epidemic. Congratulations Patient Zero!

  2. It wasn’t a brown recluse spider was it? That could be bad news. If it doesn’t heal in the next couple days, and forms into a discoloured blister, go to the ER right away.

  3. Thanks for the concern. It’s healed up quite nicely now. There’s a bit of a scab but I’m almost 100%!

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