I am not one of those people who can easily remember their dreams. I feel like I don’t dream very much at all but that’s maybe because I tend to quickly forget my dreams right after waking up. There is a scientific explanation for why dreams are difficult to remember. Last night though, I was able to remember parts of a dream.

Vivid dreams are most easily remembered but my vivid dream wasn’t about owning a real working lightsaber or having the Swedish bikini team knocking on my door for a cup of sugar. I dreamed about kittens. Yes, I am publicly admitting that as a hetero male, I had a dream about kittens. In my made up world, I was a proud new owner of a kitten. I don’t remember how I got the kitten or any details like that. In do remember, however, that my kitten was several months old, still small, but far from being an adult cat. I distinctly remember having my kitten sequestered on my couch, snuggled in a towel that I bunched up for him or her. I looked away and when I looked back, there were two kittens on the towel! The newest kitten was much smaller than the other one, several weeks old at best. I couldn’t figure out how this new one had gotten into my apartment. Rather than be filled with joy, I became immediately stressed out and worried about the situation. How was I going to take care of two kitties? Should the younger one even be away from their mother so soon? Why was my apartment so easily breached by kittens?

My alarm went off before I could get any answers. I suppose the worried frame of mind that my dream had gotten me into was the key for me remembering the whole dream. I know that kitten dream was probably caused by a conversation I had with a friend who lives in my building. He has a cat and he’s told me that while worthwhile, his cat does leave hair all over the damn place, his furniture has been scratched up, and there’s no denying cat litter is not a pleasant thing to deal with. I do enjoy cats but I also enjoy having my home the way it is right now. Maybe I’ll just skip the cats and go right to having a baby.

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