Last night after doing routine maintenance on some of my Little Pony collection, I went to bed and to wondrous sleep. Some time just after 4am, I was awoken. I didn’t snap awake, instead, I was gently pushed back into consciousness. There was a nagging stimulus that tugged at me until I reluctantly opened my eyes. There was a ringing which had woken me. It wasn’t the fire alarm. It wasn’t my phone. It was the buzzer to the intercom downstairs. It kept ringing. Now awake, I realized no one I knew would be visiting me at this hour. Very few people know where I live and even fewer know what the intercom code is. Anyone who would legitimately want to see me would have called me first. I looked over to my phone in dark. It was still and appeared to be sleeping. None of the indicator LEDs were blinking, so I hadn’t missed a call.

The ringing stopped. I laid in bed for a few more seconds before I realized my balcony over looked the street entrance to my building and more importantly, the intercom. I got up, slid opened the balcony door, and stepped into the darkness of the early morning. Looking over the railing I saw nothing. Who ever had buzzed me was gone. I stepped back into my apartment and slid back into bed. Unfortunately, I was now wide awake and also thirsty. A glass of water solved my thirst but I was still awake. It probably took another hour or so before I was able to fall back to sleep.

I wonder who that mysterious person was that stole an hour of sleep from me. Was it a random prankster? Someone who punched in the wrong code? Was it the future me, who came back in time to warn me about the impending zombie apocalypse? Maybe it was just a fault in the intercom software. I don’t know. What I do know is I’ve unplugged the connection to the intercom and won’t plug it back in until tomorrow morning.

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