When I bought my apartment, I decided to get fancy new kitchen equipment. Surprisingly, I had never owned a pepper mill before, I previously just used pre-ground pepper shakers. Deciding I was a big boy now, I splurged and bought a pepper mill from The Real Canadian Superstore. The mill was made from mainly plastic parts and was cheap in both construction and cost. It was the kind where you twist a knob on the top to grind the pepper. It broke basically in the first week of operation.

For some reason, I didn’t buy another pepper mill until last weekend. I chose a completely different design this time around. Instead of plastic, I chose a mill that was made of stainless steel. Instead of a angular grinding motion, I chose a mill that used linear motion. I am now the owner of a one-handed, “pump it” pepper mill. It also helps that it looks like a fancy detonator to a complex and large bomb. The mill works great so far and I’ve enjoyed putting pepper on just about everything I eat now. If you haven’t tried pepper yogurt yet, you are definitely missing out.

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