I had a wicked case of insomnia last night. I even took a sleeping pill but it just made feel kinda of sleepy but not sleepy enough to actually fall asleep. So I just tossed and turned in bed, oblivious to how much time had passed. I learned a long time ago not to look at the clock when you can’t sleep, it just makes you more anxious. I did manage to fall asleep but I don’t know when that was. I do know that it was still somewhat dark when that happened. The next thing I remember was that my alarm was going off and it was light outside.

I wish you could predict insomnia so that you could use those lost hours more wisely. If I knew I was gonna just spend hours lying awake in bed last night, I woulda used them to play video games instead. I wonder what independently wealthy people do when they get insomnia. They don’t have to work, so do they really have to awake at a certain hour? If I was filthy rich bastard who didn’t have to work and I got insomnia, it’d totally be like, “Whoops, looks like I have insomnia, it’s time for all-night Dig Dug marathon” or “Insomnia?!?!? I wonder where I can get some fresh fried chicken at 5am in the morning”.

Damn, I kinda want to get rich just for that.

2 thoughts on “SLEEPY”

  1. I like that for you being independently wealthy means all night Dig Dug and 5 am fried chicken. Keep it real my friend.

  2. Dude, I’ll never forget that I came from the streets… of middle-class suburbia. Having said that, Dig Dug would be on a 46″ screen minimum and the fried chicken, all dark meat, just the way Asians like it.

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