Oh one more thing before I drag my sick ass to bed. A friend of mine recently sold her extensive “My Little Pony” collection online on Ebay. Her days of transporting those little toy horses to conventions are now over. The good news is she’s now $2000 richer. The problem is, she doesn’t know what to do with the money. My first suggestion was to buy some things for her 15 cats but she takes immaculate care of them already so I think the money could be used elsewhere. Now since she’s not a dude (she’s got boobies), I can’t use my standard answer of hookers and booze. I have no idea what chicks spend their extra money on. Usually females buy smart things like RRSPs, bonds, or pay off their debts.

Do you have any suggestions for her? I think she’d be ok with buying stuff that can only be used once and using it involves explosions and/or loud noises. Let’s hear you ideas!

2 thoughts on “SUGGESTIONS NEEDED”

  1. I wonder what I could make if I sold off my Star Wars action figure collection, but I would keep my Stormtrooper collection just because it is still kick-ass cool to see them set up as an entire platoon. Especially the Sandtroopers chasing down that dumb protocol droid, Yeah!

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