You’d think after getting laid off I’d be able to sleep in on the first Monday afterwards but that’s not the case. Because of fire alarms inspections in my apartment building which start at 8am, I have to be awake in the morning to let some dude into my apartment so he can spend all of one minute to test my alarm.

In other news, I had a very low-key weekend. Interestingly, I saw my parents for the first time since being laid off. Though I had told them on Wednesday night that I no longer had employment, they still had some interesting questions for me. They asked me if my sister knew about the news. They also asked me if one of my good friends knew as well. It’s clear my parents don’t understand the power of social networking. I can tell over 200 people something in a single status update on Facebook.

Well, I look forward to taking a nap tomorrow afternoon when everyone else is at work.

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