I’ve been out with friends and former co-workers two nights in a row. I also went grocery shopping yesterday. All of these events have me spending money in amounts that perhaps I should not be. Now you might think buying groceries is necessary. Yes, that is true but I don’t think I’m buying smart. I need to start buying stuff that makes my dollars go farther. I should be buying stuff like Hamburger Helper that will last me more than a day. Pasta is cheap and ground beef is relatively cheap, both of those things together will help me draw out my money a bit further. Who knows how long I’ll be unemployed?

Hey, if I dropped by your homes, would you give me some canned food?

3 thoughts on “OH YEAH, I DON’T HAVE A JOB”

  1. When I got laid off almost 2 years ago, I started shopping more at Costco, and buying more bulk items. (Ever buy a case of mac & cheese? I did.)

  2. Hey Erwin just got caught up on your blog after not checking for a couple of months because I was working too hard. I am sorry to hear that you were laid off, but I am insanely jealous of your free time! I say it is time to back and get a PhD. St John’s College is waiting for you. Professor Tang has a nice ring.

  3. Tyson, I have neither the required amount crazy nor intelligence to do a Ph.D.

    Professor Tang does seems nice but that’s a whole lot of hurt I gotta go through to get that.

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