Today was the first day that my diet resembled something like my usual diet. I woke up hungry, which I took as a good sign. I decided to eat a small granola bar before leaving my apartment, not wanting to risk something else more tricky than that.

Arriving at work, I decided to go all out and got myself a breakfast wrap. Full of eggs, hash browns, bacon, cheese, and salsa, this would be no simple and plain food. I ate almost all of it before getting scared and throwing out what little remained. The good news was that I did not feel any nausea nor did I feel like pooping it out right away. I did feel somewhat fatigued after eating it, like it was a real effort to digest it. It wasn’t that nice sleepy feel you get after a big meal but more like I had just ran 20 km type of fatigue.

I had a really safe lunch consisting of pasta and meat sauce. For my afternoon snack, I had peanut butter cups and a cola sweetened with cane sugar. My dinner consisted of two turkey enchiladas, covered with cheese, sour cream, and salsa, all accompanied by broccoli. All of this had no ill effect on me, to my delight.

I still don’t feel 100% yet. As I mentioned before, I still get tired during the day. I got home from work and I just felt wiped. I really wanted to just crawl into bed and sleep right away. Right before I left work, I also starting feeling some sinus pain. It’s not too bad but I can definitely feel it. It probably is a sinus infection of some sort. When I was violently puking this week, I honestly did wonder how safe it was that my entire nasal and sinus cavity was being filled with vomit, partially digested food, bile, mucous, and stomach acid. It probably isn’t very safe. I have no idea if old puke is causing an infection in my sinuses. It might also be that my immune system isn’t working at its peak right now so this is just an opportunistic sinus infection.

I am ready for a restful weekend.

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