I was at a T&T Supermarket tonight when I noticed something I had not seen before. I quite enjoy going to T&T because I often discover new food items. Tonight was no different. I was in the seafood section when I saw packages of frozen sashimi. This was new to me. I’ve had sashimi in restaurants countless times before but I’d never seen it offered in a supermarket.

I know that restaurants in British Columbia have to freeze their sashimi as well due to health concerns. The freezing is supposed to kill any parasites that might live in the seafood. For the price T&T was selling these packages, it is way more economical to have your sashimi at home. You just have to wait for it to defrost and then cut it up into pieces. No cooking required!

My only concern is how safe it is to be consuming raw seafood from a supermarket that you defrost on your own at home. I suppose you’re putting all your faith into a restaurant when they prepare your sashimi, so at least in this manner you’re partially in control.

How many of you have prepared sashimi at home? If you’ve never done it, would you consider eating sashimi supermarket sashimi?

3 thoughts on “DO IT YOURSELF SASHIMI”

  1. We used to eat sashimi and sushi from supermarkets in Hong Kong all the time. We never got sick and it was always cheap and convenient. Given your recent experience with dodgy seafood though, I’d be inclined to steer clear. At least until the memory fades a bit.

  2. Thanks Jo for letting me know about your experiences. I’m well past my food poisoning episode though! I’ve already had salmon, cooked and uncooked, many times since then!

  3. Ahhh, back on the horse. Good news. Well, with your recent experiences behind you, I would eat raw seafood to your heart’s content.

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