When I’m not thinking about when my co-workers are going to be laid off, I actually play video games in my spare time. The game that I’m currently playing is Alan Wake. It’s billed as a “psychological action thriller” but it couldĀ  be described as a survival horror game as well.

I usually don’t like playing scary video games. The last game of this genre that I finished was Dead Space. Interestingly enough, I don’t classify zombie games in the horror genre. To me, anything to do with zombies falls into the action/adventure category. It’s certainly not light-hearted material but it doesn’t make me check underneath the bed either.

Alan Wake on the other hand, is a game I wouldn’t want to play with the lights off. So far, most of the game takes place in the forest at night where freaky dudes jump out at you out of nowhere. The game does a great job of combining beautiful graphics with rich audio to provide a suspenseful experience. I sometimes have to take a break every ten minutes or so to prepare for the next scary beat in the story. There are also times where I feel like putting the game disc in the freezer when things get too intense. At this rate, it’ll take my two months to finish this game.

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  1. Well, I can’t guarantee nothing will happen on that day but if we’re talking about EA layoffs, those will most likely happen well before I finish Alan Wake.

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