I’ve never been a big fan of spicy foods. The more spicy the food, the more uncomfortable I get. My mouth burns and the top of my head gets all itchy. As you might imagine, that isn’t a pleasurable dining experience in my opinion. I know for some people the spicy kick is the appeal and the hotter is it, the more they enjoy it. I think these are the same people that like getting punched in the testicles.

Lately though, I’ve been giving a hot sauce a try at work. This might be in response to my perhaps boredom now with the EA cafeteria. For a while there, I’d have this daily snack of kettle chips with a squirt of Tabasco red pepper sauce on each chip. It was delicious. The red pepper variety of Tabasco sauce is extremely mild. It’s not very spicy at all but still retains a bold enough flavour for me to notice. Because of the vinegar in the sauce, it also has a bit of sharp and sour taste. The combination is quite tasty. I stopped eating the chips this way because I was consuming a large amount of potato chips on a daily basis.

My new “thing” is adding the Tabasco sauce to the breakfast wraps. To me, this is the tastiest thing on the menu right now. The combination of eggs, hash browns, bacon, cheese, salsa and the Tabasco sauce in a spinach wrap is the most delicious way to start the day. It’s certainly not the healthiest but it tastes so good. When I have one of these in the morning, I usually don’t have lunch until 2pm.

In light of my new spicy experiences, I am going to buy a bottle of green and red Tabasco sauce for my own home. I am already looking forward to chugging these bottles while drunk and in my underwear while alone in my apartment on Saturday night.

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