There aren’t that many instances where I live out the bachelor stereotype but this morning was one of those times. I woke up this morning and when I went to get something to eat for breakfast, I realized I basically had nothing suitable to eat for the morning meal. I usually have a granola bar or something similar but I was all out of that stuff. I would have settled for some potato chips but I didn’t even have that.

I was that close to making some microwave popcorn when I decided to just hurry to work where I could get a decent breakfast there. When I finally did get to the studio, I was starving. I settled for the big daddy of breakfast items at the EA cafeteria, which is the breakfast wrap. It’s got eggs, cheese, bacon, hashbrowns, and salsa. I’m pretty sure the thing weighs about half a pound. After devouring that thing, I didn’t even have a slight hankering for lunch well-past 1pm.

Don’t worry folks, I went shopping after work and will have Vegemite on toast tomorrow morning.

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