Since my Monte Carlo is frequently in the shop for repairs, I take public transit a lot. The bus is a mode of transportation that figures prominently in my travels among the public. For those who don’t take transit too often, let me give you some background on bus routes. For the most part, bus routes have a beginning and an end. There is a distinct place where the bus starts and another distinct place where the bus ends its route and has to stop. I’ve heard of routes that are circular but those are rare.

In all my years of bus riding, I’ve seen an odd occurrence that happens from time to time. When the bus is approaching its last stop, a rider will sometimes pull the cord to signal they want to get off at the next stop. This is redundant because the next stop is the end of the route and the bus is going to stop anyways. Even if no one pulled the cord, the driver would have made the stop. Of course, the cord is pulled sometimes because the person is new to the route and they just want to be sure the bus stops for them. In this case, I can understand. In other cases though, I’m positive that person knows the route. So why pull the cord? Is it just something to do? I wonder.

One thought on “WHY?”

  1. Yep, I have wondered this myself. However, more than that, I wonder why people must madly scramble, impatiently hop around in line, and often queue jump, to board a plane as soon as the flight is called when seats are already allocated. What is the rush? I have seen people attempt to board when their seat is not in the row that has been called, only to get upset and abusive when they are turned away and told to wait. Why? Will the plane go without you? Will you get to your destination later than everyone else? Think it through people, think it through.

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