This evening I attended the annual general meeting held by the strata council for the apartment building I live in. Though I was tempted to skip it, the responsible homeowner part of me decided it was in my best interest to show up.

To make a long story short, the meeting last three and a half hours. We debated and voted on issues relating to parking, moving, pets, fees, budgets, and other interesting things. I must mention that we made it a by-law that you can’t run a brothel in the building. Whoops, there goes my idea for a home business.

After being in that conference room for nearly four hours I can’t think straight anymore and I have a headache. I know they only have these meetings once a year but even at that frequency it seems to often.

One thought on “THAT SUCKED”

  1. At my first strata council meeting a guy got up and yelled out: “You guys are so fucking stupid. I feel like getting a baseball bat and bashing your fucking heads in.” My kingdom for a house…

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